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Sainz takes early Dakar lead

Date: 02 Jan 2006 Author Type: Registered Journalist
Author: Andrew Walker
Former World Rally champion Carlos Sainz of Spain made it two wins in two stages on the second day of the Dakar rally on Sunday.

Already the first day leader after the annual New Year rally got under way in Lisbon on Saturday, Sainz and his VW Touareg were fastest over the day`s 115km timed special stage in southern Portugal - 1hr 34min28.

That was 25sec quicker than France`s former ski champion Luc Alphand in a Mitsubishi and 34sec ahead of Nasser Saleh Al Alliyah of Qatar in a BMW.

The Spaniard now leads overall by 3min45 ahead of Alphand and 4min14 ahead of another Spaniard, Nani Roma, in a Mitsubishi.

Portugal`s Ruben Faria, riding a KTM, won the motorcycle section of the second stage in 1hr37min7.

He beat Spain`s Esteve Pujol by 1min7sec with David Casteu of France another 21sec behind.

Although Faria finished second in the first stage, he has not gained the overall lead because he was given a 12-minute penalty on Saturday for not finishing the 370km stage within the time limit.

Pujol in fact leads overall by eight seconds from another Spaniard, Marc Coma, and by 43sec from Portugal`s Helder Rodrigues.

The competitors were to travel to Malaga in southern Spain to complete the day`s 567km stage.

From Malaga they will have a seven-hour ferry trip to Morocco and the African coast for Monday`s 672km third stage between Nador and Er Rachidia, with a 314km timed section.


Classifications after Stage 2 of the Dakar Rally on Sunday, January 1 2006.

1 Carlos Sainz (Spain) - Volkswagen 2hr30min48
2 Luc Alphand (France) - Mitsubishi 2hr34min33
3 Nani Roma (Spain) - Mitsubishi 2hr35min02
4 Bruno Saby (France) - Volkswagen 2hr35min10
5 Carlos Sousa (Portugal) - Nissan 2hr35min20
6 Hiroshi Masuoka (Japan) - Mitsubishi 2hr36min23
7 Jutta Kleinschmidt (Germany) - Volkswagen 2hr36min37
8 Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar) - BMW 2hr37min30
9 Stephane Peterhansel (France)- Mitsubishi 2hr37min35
10 Guerlain Chicherit (France) - BMW 2hr37min35

1 Isidre Esteve (Spain) - KTM 2hr37min24
2 Marc Coma (Spain) - KTM 2hr37min32
3 Helder Rodrigues (Portugal) - Yamaha 2hr38min07
4 David Casteu (France) - KTM 2hr38min11
5 Cyril Despres (France) - KTM 2hr38min55
6 Jose Manuel Pellicer (Spain) - KTM 2hr39min29
7 David Fretigne (France) - Yamaha 2hr39min50
8 Paulo Goncalves (Portugal) - Honda 2hr40min59
9 Carlo de Gavardo (Chile) - KTM 2hr42hr15
10 Gerard Farres (Spain) - Yamaha 2hr42min15

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Sainz makes winning debut in Dakar rally

Twice World Rally champion Carlos Sainz of Spain marked his Dakar rally debut on Saturday with victory in the opening 370km stage from Lisbon to Portimao.

Sainz, who won a record 26 WRC events before retiring in 2005, completed the 83km timed leg 90 seconds ahead of local hero Carlos Sousa. The Portuguese, driving a Nissan, prevented a clean sweep by BMW.

Frenchman Bruno Saby was third and Germany`s Jutta Kleinschmidt was fourth.

Mitsubishi had a disappointing start with Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel and Japan`s Iroshi Masuoka both each being stopped by a puncture.

In the motorcycle section, KTM proved to be in a class of its own with four of the first five places. Defending champion Cyril Despres of France finished four seconds ahead of Portuguese Ruben Faria with Spaniard Marc Coma third.

South Africans Giniel de Villiers and Alfie Cox were eighth and 19th respectively.

Cox, a frequent competitor on two wheels in the Dakar, is back but this time on four wheels - a BMW X3CC belonging to the X-Raid team.

He is accompanied by Ralph Pitchford, his old-time friend, mechanic and current co-driver in the South African Off-Road championship.

The second stage will take the field from Portimao to Malaga in Spain over 567km, which will include a 115km timed leg. - Reuters

Results - Day 1


1 Carlos Sainz (Spain) - 56:20
2 Carlos Sousa (Portugal) - 57:50
3 Bruno Saby (France) - 58:11
4 Jutta Kleinschmidt (Germany) - 58:44
5 Guerlain Chicherit (France) - 59:22
6 Nani Roma (Spain) - 59:32
7 Luc Alphand (France) 59:40
8 Giniel de Villiers (South Africa) - 59:48
9 Thierry Magnaldi (France) - 59:50
10 Mark Miller (United States) - 1:00:00
11 Jean-Louis Schlesser (France) - 1:00:06
12 Stephane Peterhansel (France) - 1:00:42
13 Hiroshi Masuoka (Japan) - 1:00:54
14 Krzystof Holowczyc (Poland) - 1:01:12
15 Marc Blazquez (Spain) - 1:01:33
16 Salvador Servia Costa (Spain) - 1:02:28
17 Jun Mitsuhashi (Japan) - 1:02:31
18 Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar) - 1:02:34
19 Alfie Cox (South Africa) - 1:02:38
20 Stephane Henrard (Belgium) - 1:02:48

1 Cyril Despres (France) KTM - 58:10
2 Ruben Faria (Portugal) KTM - 58:14
3 Marc Coma (Spain) KTM - 58:17
4 Helder Rodrigues (Portugal) Yamaha - 59:00
5 Isidre Esteve (Spain) KTM - 59:10
6 David Fretigne (France) Yamaha - 59:15
7 David Casteu (France) KTM - 59:36
8 Jose Manuel Pellicer (Spain) KTM - 59:54
9 Andy Caldecott (Australia) KTM - 1:00:35
10 Paulo Goncalves (Portugal) Honda - 1:00:45
11 Victor Rivera (Spain) KTM - 1:00:47
12 Alain Duclos (France) KTM - 1:01:01
13 Jonah Street (United States) KTM - 1:01:15
14 Carlo de Gavardo (Chile) KTM - 1:01:18
15 Xacob Agra (Spain) Yamaha - 1:01:45
16 Frans Verhoeven (Netherlands) Yamaha - 1:02:11
17 Marcel van Drunen (Netherlands) Yamaha - 1:02:16
18 Gerard Farres (Spain) Yamaha - 1:02:16
19 Pablo Toral (Spain) KTM - 1:02:31
20 Jordi Viladoms (Spain) KTM - 1:02:50
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